Monday, 15 June 2009

Choosing the Objects

Today I am choosing the objects that are going to be displayed in our touring exhibition on Sir John St. Aubyn. In order to get our funding, we needed to have some sort of public outcome for the project, and the exhibition is one of these outcomes. It starts it's tour on the 9th January 2010 at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. It seems like a long way away, but really it isn't, and already a number of departments in my museum are working on the designs. I think the joiner downstairs has the trickiest task of building the plinths and display cases. The exhibition is going to St. Michael's Mount in May, and in order to get everything up to the castle on the top, we have to put all the cases in a tram, which climbs the Mount at a 45° incline. Problem is, the tram isn't very big, so all the cases have to either be very small, or very cleverly built.

So, as I said today I am choosing objects to use in the exhibition. I suppose this too is rather tricky, because I have to choose objects that look interesting. A while back, I carefully selected six herbarium sheets out of the 1100 or so we hold in the St. Aubyn collection. Today I am choosing minerals. I am picking the most colourful, the most sturdy and the ones with amazingly detailed descriptions which were written by a French refugee called Count Jacques Louis de Bournon, in 1794. Below is a small picture of the Count's entry for a piece of calcareous spar, don't you just love his handwriting?!

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