Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Organising my Illustrations

Its been a while since I payed any attention to my website, I guess it is the trouble with these things. You put websites online and then you accidentally forget about them. I have noticed that inkyleaves is in need of a major update! Not only has Richard Dawkins found his way off my list of top scientists over the past few years, but I have also painted lots of illustrations that aren't in my gallery. So, I have asked my wonderful stepfather Andrew, if he could help me out in updating inkyleaves. Luckily for me he said he would help - phew! And in case you were wondering, Andrew is the talent behind inkyleaves - he did all of the designs (www.limongrafica.com). So watch this space.

So for the past few days I have been busy photographing and scanning. I have also decided to go on a course so that I can brush up on my skills. I really hope that I get offered a place, it is with the Society of Botanical Artists and all you need to get offered a place is a darn good illustration!

Seaweed from the Muirhead Herbarium, Plymouth
Wish me luck...


  1. Major plug for Andrew....he will be pleased.

    I rather like this seaweed it would make a good decal for a mug don't you think?

  2. Have you read this book I think you would like it?
    Six Degrees by Mark Lynas
    Published by HarperPerennial

  3. No I haven't read that book, sounds good, will try and locate a copy :-) What is it about? glad Andrew likes the plug. Least I could do really with all of the help he is giving. Jxxx

  4. The book is about all the species that would be in danger if global warming kicks in to the extent of 6 higher degrees.