Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lathyrus odoratus

I have finished my Sweetpea painting. It is one of the varieties which I had growing on my allotment this summer. It was so beautiful, a really deep crimson-purple colour, and so I had to paint it.


  1. Oh yes very nice indeed. Are you using this for your application? Can you do verification vocabulary tonight, I am packing for tomorrow.

  2. I just seen you have a whole new look to your blog and a new header, it looks really good I like it. Going to look at your web site now and all the new images you have put up.

    Nice word - Mismen

  3. Did you add to it after I saw it? It's pretty fantastic anyway and I'm sure it'll do you proud. Do you scan in your paintings, or is that just a photograph? I could put mine up. Hmm.. I'm on an Iris nigrescens at the mo.. Not happy with it: Stupid pointy tall leaves and chunky dark flowers. It just don't look right.

    I agree with Kitty, MY photo does look pretty cool as your header;)

    Uberneabetc xx

  4. Soz, just noticed you had written about it earlier on my blog. You're welcome to it. I got annoyed and gave up with the irises and decided to go for violets instead.. Much mure rewarding to paint. I like painting blobby plants. X