Thursday, 21 January 2010

Illustration Career on Hold

Had a bit of an accident on Friday 15th whilst setting up my St. Aubyn exhibition... long story involving a fire door, its hinge and my right forefinger. After much drama, my finger now looks like this (above) with a piece of wire sticking out of it. Over the past few days I have certainly learnt why pulling finger nails can be used as an effective torture technique - its agony! Anyway, my mother knew how bad this was all going to be for me this week, as she too has had a finger injury involving a 6cm splinter, her nail and her ring finger. So luckily for me, she dropped everything in Sussex and went to look after me in Plymouth.
Full accounts of this weeks story are on my mums blog. Guess the painting is on hold for now...!


  1. Is that my photograph? Try and take one of the plastic splint, that material was cosmic stuff and I need to track some down. Keep the drug regime up Jess!

  2. I hope your finger is doing better and you are feeling no pain. Did you kick that fire door for causing you so much pain? I hope so.

    I know the feeling of a finger injury right at the joint with a splinter. I had one fester for weeks and finally after soaking it for days with hydrogen peroxide, it shot out like a rocket when I squeezed it.

  3. This seems like a long time ago now Jess. Keep on doing what your doing and it will all be a distant memory.