Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ta Ta For Now Sir John

Sir John St. Aubyn © St. Michael's Mount Collection

It is my last day at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday, and I am getting ready to leave all my 18th Century friends behind in the museum stores. It's a sad time, but it has been an amazing two years worth of work. I cleared my desk today, and filed the last pieces of paper. I have managed to accumulate 10 fat lever-arch files with all my research - you should have seen my managers face when I had to pass everything onto him. I know how he feels - rather how I felt two years ago - overwhelmed!

Anyway, its bye bye Sir John, bye bye Juliana Vinicombe, and bye bye to Count Jacques Louis de Bournon curator of King Louis XVIII's cabinet de mineraux, Dr. William Babington of Guy's Hospital, Dr. James Edward Smith founder and president of the Linnean Society, John Stackhouse of Cornwall, James Dickson of Kennedy and Lee's Nursery in London, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Greville of Paddington Green, Emma Lyon, Napoleon Boneparte, John Stuart the 3rd Earl of Bute and Prime Minister of Great Britain, Sir Abraham Hume of Wormley Bury, James Hutton of Edinburgh, Sir Joshua Reynolds of Plympton in Devon, Dr. John MacCulloch of Edinburgh who died tragically during his honeymoon after being draged by the wheel of his cart, James Hutton Balfour Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Martha Nicholls of Ludgvan and Sir John's mistress, Dr. William Hunter the physian to Queen Charlotte, John Opie of Trevellas in Cornwall and John Prideaux of East Street in Plymouth...

... who all had a part to play in this epic story.

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  1. What a great post Jess, I can not believe it is all coming to an end.