Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lion Tulips

Just finished another drawing... this is for a friend of mine in Edinburgh who asked me to do a pen and ink before Christmas. Seriously delayed commission, which was not helped by the finger incident. I recieved these tulips last weekend :-) - they are a lovely yellow and slightly ragged round the edges, like little lion manes on green stalks.
I found this drawing especially difficult, as I discovered soon after starting it that my finger incident prevents me from doing long sweeping lines, which is rather necessary for the leaves of a Tulip. This problem was solved by rotating the paper, but this is something I hate doing. One can loose perspective on what they are actually drawing and then you start to niggle on the smaller details rather than on the whole composition. This is a constant battle for botanical illustrators, but as this piece was never meant to be an accurate one, I knew I shouldn't concentrate too much on the detail. I was commissioned to draw something that I liked, that meant something to me and to draw it in the way I like to - which is to use a lot of hatching and to be free on the paper. Hope my friends like it...

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