Sunday, 28 February 2010

Moving House...

Today I woke up to an empty room... great big white walls all around me. Everything new. I am moving house today, from Plymouth to Kew. All my things are in their designated boxes in the back of a transit van waiting to be driven along the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. I am very very excited, but also rather apprehensive.

So, in case you don't know why I am moving house with a broken finger (yes, it still has not healed, although the wire was removed on Wednesday), it is because I was fortunate enough to be offered a job to work in the Shirley Sherwood and Marianne North Galleries at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew! I was interviewed last month and was lucky enough to be offered the job. Which means for the foreseeable future I will be working as an attendant in the gallery spaces, helping to keep the galleries safe, clean, accessible and friendly. Hopefully, every now and then I will also be involved in planning new botanical illustration exhibitions and in setting them up. What fun!


  1. Well, I just can’t believe you are blogging on the day of your move. Here we do have that predicted force 9 in the sea and the going is rough. The ports say everything is running to schedule (it’s alright for them they are sailors and have the outfits to prove it) so it is going to be a rocky 10 and a half hour crossing!
    I bet you have terrifically massive weather where you are too today. Try not to get the following items wet or blown away as you load or unload your van: your harp, your clarinets, your canvases and your portfolio. Hope it goes with out a hitch, and there is a parcel waiting for you in Kew.

  2. Well, the weather was actually rather nice and I managed to avoid all the showers. Rather unbelievable really! Anyway, nothing wet and the days are getting better and better. Wall to wall sunshine in Kew today. Fabulous! I hope your trip to Spain is going well. x

  3. Thats amazing Jess! I'm so glad you're doing a job I know you're going to love!
    I went to the Soane museum before christmas, it is SUCH a magical place! I bought the book, but I really wish i could have had a day to sit in there and draw. Maybe one day! Hope all the unpacking and stuff goes well! all the best!