Saturday, 15 January 2011

2011 Grapes after 29 hours...

I'm feeling like I am getting the knack of this now. All the shadows and reflections have started going into my memory bank and I am starting to understand how a grape becomes a grape a lot more.


  1. I can't stop looking at these grapes jess, they are sooooo good. How big is the paper, are they life sized? I think count up from the bottom grape, go to the left and up 4; this one is finished? Or and I totally wrong?

    Cosmic VV word....moudger!

  2. Glad you like them... the paper is A3 - so they are life size, which is a requirement for most illustrations (only those that go in books have different scales). I think that one is about done, as is another one half way up the stem, and second to the left... Really pleased with them so far, I guess the trick now is to not over do them :S How are the moths?

  3. I dont think you will over do them, you never did that as a child with your art work so no reason for you to begin now. I would like a print when you get round to doing them please.

    VV terpanti - got to the best yet?