Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2011 Grapes After 34 Hours of Labour

SBA Assignment 7 (2011 Grapes): 9.19/10

So, another night on the grapes. Last night I couldn't face them, so carried on with my embroidery (which independently also comes with a deadline of 29th January alongside these grapes), whilst watching 'The Queen' on 4oD. It's dull enough not to grab my attention, but interesting enough so I can listen to it. I am currently bored with the radio (listened too much) and I can't do trance at this time of night after working in the gallery all day drilling. So this evening was '2011 Grapes' alongside 'The Queen'. today I added a wash of red to the grapes - more orange in this shade and it mainly goes near the yellow bits on the opposite side of the highlights. I also sorted out some of the grapes at the back on the top right - but these will need more work tomorrow on Friday.

I have another account called my blipfoto account, which is where I place photographs of my life and the things that inspire me, as well as some of my own work. It mirrors this blog on occasion, so I haven't mentioned it before. I have decided to mention it now, as it is an ideal way of watching the progression of my '2011 Grape' painting. I have never had so many comments and hits on blip as I have with these grapes, which is really encouraging.

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  1. I'll never look at an illustration or painting of grapes or any still life the same as I have in the past. I have a new found appreciation for all the work which goes into each piece of art.