Thursday, 20 January 2011

Me (in the alchemical coat), my mum (the reflection)
and Sir John St. Aubyn at the Linnean Society

I don't think I was trying to be eccentric with the 'only one glove look'...

So Sir John made it back to London 200 years or so later... and my mum too, which was really lovely (although she comes to London more regularly than Sir John). The exhibition I designed with Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery is now on show in the Linnean Society (herbarium part) and in the Geological Society (mineral part). I am very proud of this, and extremely pleased because I think Sir John would have really approved. I haven't seen these plinths since this time last year when I broke my finger, so it was a little unnerving. I am amazed that they look so good still, they have been all over the place - even up (and down) St. Michael's Mount!

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