Friday, 21 January 2011

Portishead time for the Grapes

'2011 Grapes' having a lay-down on my Gokarnian bed spread

So, here are the grapes on their A3 stretcher, getting their Portishead moment, which consists of sitting on my desk while I blurt out Portishead numbers through my speakers in order to make myself enter some sort of deathly darkness. This enables me to add the dark layers of colour on without fear and without feebleness. It's time to get bold, which is always a nightmare when you have spent so long on a painting. Thing is, it is this which makes a painting victorious, and yes, it frequently goes wrong and this is when I can totally mess it up. So... on goes the Portishead and on go the layers... It is a risky process, which is why the speed of progression has somewhat slowed down... It's about efficiency with the brush strokes now...

1 comment:

  1. Love the grapes and your method of bringing in the depths! When you have done such a beautiful job it is concerning... but you have the skill to do it so well