Friday, 4 March 2011

After 17 hours...

Can't focus today... too tired and I need a break from all the bumps in the leaves. I have two more hours to work on this today and then I am off to the East of London to proof my prints of 2011 Grapes. Got... to... keeeep... painting....


  1. So tell me, is this just paint at this point? No pencils.

  2. Stunning as ever! Keep at it! Hope the proofing goes well! xx

  3. Thanks Stephanie :) Proofing next post... after I finish at work. Erm, there was a little bit of pencil - just a rough outline of the leaf edges so I could see how it would fit on the page, but most of it is drawn with a brush mum - all the bumps, all the veins. I hate pencils, you know that :) I also find they destroy the intensity of colour in the watercolours.