Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sally after 30 hours...

So Sylvia hasn't started her contract at Inky Leaves yet as Sally has some life still in her. Painting after a days shift in the gallery today and it is never easy. I am just too tired, and I have also lost the flow a bit after leaving Sally alone all weekend. So, four hours of painting and little achieved it seems. Still it all adds up and means I may be doing less of an all-nighter at the end of the month when this is due for assessment. It's been a question of adding layers of paint really this evening, and marking out the back two leaves.

Work in the gallery again tomorrow, but I hope to squeeze in another four hours after dinner. Then I have two whole days off to dedicate to Sally and a reward on Friday night. Yes, you've guesed it - a nightime trip to the V&A with Henry! :)

P.S. Best way to watch Sally grow is to flick through the images here:


  1. You are doing a great job. It is an exhausting piece - but I imagine you are learning about more than just painting! It would be very tiring for the eyes and brain - I remember being told the brain is a muscle too and if you are working hard to drink heaps of water. How wonderful you work in a gallery ... great synergy. I am struggling with my assignment this month as am still on graphite and missing colour! Although you must be getting a bit tired of green? It's looking great!

  2. It's funny you say that, as I don't think I had enough to drink last night. Plenty in the day, but I get so engrossed in what I am doing I forget to drink and eat when doing short stints like that. I much rather have the entire day to do it in.

    Oh yes, the monotone pencil work! I hate pencils generally, so I didn't like this bit of the work either. I find it is much easier to 'flow' with a brush or a pen. Have you worked out what you are going to do for the final piece?

    Not tired of the greens yet as there are so many other colours in those greens... I never stick to one colour. Probably through boredom!

  3. I didn't realise how much we need to hydrate even though it's 'just' artwork ... but it really makes a difference to lubricate eyes and wake your brain up!
    Your pencil work is lovely though!
    However I love the magic of watercolour. Still not sure what to do as my assignment piece, it has been a terribly long hot and dry summer here in Western Australia and now we are into autumn - not much around. Also as it is similar to the last assignment I need to show something more ....
    Greens are wonderful to work with and such a variety - yours are just beautiful.