Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sally after 40 hours...

I have been pushed to work by Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave today. I rarely listen to them these days, but their efforts to raise money for charity spurred me into action. My 10 hour painting marathon today seemed feeble compared to their World Record attempt at 52 hours of broadcasting non-stop. It's been hilarious...and they raised a lot of money for Red Nose Day, so its a well done to them.

With a day off work today I gave Sally my full attention with breaks here and there. I decided to sit on my milking stool today, as it brings me closer to the paper and stops round shoulders and bad posture. But it means I cannot feel my bottom now.

It's now 10pm and I want to stop. Here is Sally/Sylvia after a days work :) I have been adding more layers of paint and tried to do the leaf on the left. I just can't believe how long this is taking! I had no idea it would be this long... Still it is worth it. I think it is because I am having to use a dry brush because all the bumps are a maximum of 5mm long/wide and watery paint is too intense and not able to be controlled satisfactorily.

Sally on my bed - the colours are more true here... She was a very lurid green and not very purple which was unusual, but she was a 'baby' cabbage and juvenile.

I have just noticed - this is my first landscape watercolour as well :)


  1. What a beautiful illustration!! it was great going through all the stages of your work...looking forward to see the finished masterpiece.

  2. Its looking excellent so far,and what a marathon!!
    I've done the course aswell-finished it ages ago now x the sba exhibitions are excellent :)