Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sally after 46 hours...

I have had to resort to taking two days of holiday from work to finish her... Tuesday and Thursday and I had Wednesday off anyway, so I should get her done by then. Then I plan to go to the pub! So, a new phase of the work has just begun - a less frustrating one - I call this stage: 'perfecting', which is always done to trance. I usually require less breaks as well as it is very monotonous. By the way, I have purposely avoided the underside of the leaves, as I want to do these when I am fully awake and hydrated rather than after a day at work.

When I am 'perfecting' I use the tip of a tiny semi-dry brush and rub all the layers in together. This makes the painting look less like a painting and makes the surfaces smoother. It was an essential stage in painting '2011 Grapes'... and a lot easier. Sally's bumps are a small nightmare - as is this milking stool, which I have to get up from in 2 minutes before my legs go dead!

Below is an image without a flash. The problem in photographing my work is I need a flash to make it crisp for you guys, so you can blow it up. However, the flash makes it shiny, so then I optimise it and then the colour goes all odd. So I have put the picture below for you to see.

I hope you think it is going well. I have to say I am more satisfied with it now, but am starting to worry about the undersides of those leaves - I am not great with venation.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Jessica - it is quite amazing - it actually looks juicy if you know what I mean! But I have decided I will never paint one ... will do my eyes in, you are a lot younger than me! I won't wish you luck, you don't need it - you have great skill and passion and that's all it takes ... Best, Vicki

  2. Absolute stunner :) you have done a totally amazing job with Sally! Well done & good luck!