Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sally's Wilting!

Great... so it's that time in the process when I wished I worked a little harder and faster, because Sally is starting to wilt. The fridge has kept her going surprisingly long, so I am working in haste to get as many washes in place before she gives her leaves up to the ether.

Sally after 14 hours

I have been rather ill this week with some sort of tummy upset which put me out of action a bit. I think I have discovered that I am allergic to oysters, so it wasn't all in vain. I like making discoveries about myself. However, my gut is still not right and I have to get this thing completed.

If I stare at her long enough, she'll enter a memory bank of sorts, which is what I often work from, along with photographs in the end. But I like to work from the fresh material for at least a couple of weeks at the start so I can soak up the essence of her being. I have to admit, I am quite shocked at how sensual this subject is. The way the leaves curl at the edges is quite remarkable and I am finding it rather off putting and intimidating. Sally is certainly a seductive cabbage! (Apologies if I have offended anyone, but I felt it had to be said).

Propping droopy Sally up with matches


  1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, that doesn't help. I get what you mean about the sensuality. Amazing they are - fancy using their leaves for breastfeeding mothers to counter the effects of engorgement .... very healing.

  2. Thanks for the comment Vicki, I wanted to comment on your blog, but I can't find the comment button on it. Have you got a comments section? I really like your drawings for the first assessment. I particularly like the linear drawing of the Lily's. I know what you mean about choosing the subject of the illustration being the longest process. It most certainly takes the longest... I don't think a lot of people know this. Nice blog entry.

  3. Amazing work :) Hope you are feeling much better and yes keep of the oysters!! BTW Vicki; i also can't post comments on your blog :(

  4. Oh I know - I have only just started blogging and as it is so public I wasn't sure about allowing them. Just finding my way around technology - I can see it's great to have feedback though - I love having this contact with others on the course.

  5. Have enabled now - please let me know if there is a problem or should do differently. Thanks for your help. BTW Sally is looking stunning after 17 hours!! The hardest part is behind you ....