Monday, 11 April 2011

From the Archive - Kew's World Garden 1941

This wonderful film was recently found in the archives at the British Council. Made in 1941, the film explores Kew Gardens the work taking place at the time. And it is in colour - which is what makes this so extraordinary. It is hard to believe that it was recorded 70 years ago. I am left wondering how many of those people filmed are still alive and if they are I wonder what they look like now. My father was born in 1941 and it seems strange to think that the world in Kew wasn't that different then. It makes me realise what a funny place it is where I work - it's aging process seems to at a completely different pace to the rest of the world. There is also some lovely film of a botanical illustrator in the herbarium 08:10 minutes into the film - I wish I knew who it was... To see the film, please click here.

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