Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I found this intersting site...

Vermilion Poppy by Rose Black Gallery

I am trying to work out what to paint for the next assignement at the moment. The mission is to find something that is currently in flower and that will be in seed before the end of May. I don't want to do anything white or pink as those plants are not my thing at all, and I am having great difficulty in finding soemthing new and challenging. It's odd, as this type of illustration was the thing I used to do all the time, but I haven't done a professional scientific illustration for a couple of years now and it feels like a backwards step in my development, so I am resisting... anyway, I need to get over that and get on with it! Whilst browsing the net, I found these lovely images by a scanographer...

Milk weed by Rose Black Gallery

I love the mysteriousness of these images - they look like they have been suspended in time and space. Something just doesn't look normal at all and that's a little creepy. I used to love working in this way with a scanner during my art A-levels... you seem to always get the same result, like you are looking at somethng hidden...It's like being inside a womb, looking at something growing in the darkness.

Old fashioned Hydrangea's by Rose Black Gallery


  1. Well. So glad to see a great innovative profile with equally great work. Vermillon Poppy, milk weed, hydraniea and other collections. Inspirationall too. Hope continue. Thank You with Best Wishes.

  2. Missed your last few blog posts - can you connect them to networked blogs via Facebook? That way they should come up whenever you have a new post - perhaps it was while I was away and I missed them. I am not looking forward to the illustration, trying to find all those aspects and have it look appealing ... look forward to watching the journey

  3. What about something like a morning glory it is quick to seed?