Thursday, 30 June 2011

Getting my mojo back...

Assignment 10 - a possible final piece - who knows?!

After what has been a rather sluggish few months, I seem to have got back into the spirit of doing things without caring too much on outcomes. I feel like I have got my curiosity back and with that has come an improved creative flow. I think Glastonbury has something to do with it, and a change in my astrological outlook! This piece of coursework also suits my style much more... and I am really enjoying looking closely at the Salt Marsh flora. It's a habitat I know very well from past projects at university.

Habitat (salt marsh) view - Pagham Harbour by the sluice gates - close up

I have spent roughly 6 hours on my work today, and have spent a lot of time at the harbour before hand noting all the species. As you may have guessed, this habitat is no where near my home at Kew, but is near my dads and hometown. This has meant that I have had to really rely on a combination of sketchbook drawings, photographs, books and herbarium specimens. I have actually found the herbarium specimens to be the most informative because you can see all the hairs and things and get a sense of scale.

I have decided to try and do two pieces of A3 rather than just one because some of the plants are rather large, including the Horned Poppy and the Sea Kale. I am finding the greens very interesting - some plants like the Poppy, Kale and Fescue are almost blue, where as the Samphire and Stoneworts are bright vivid green. Amazing.

My bedroom studio with all my books out on the bed!

My mum is really on a creative burst at the moment... she's like an alchemist:


  1. Great to see you back in the zone Jess ... love your attitude and style. Enjoy is the key word now and learn more about what you want to represent. Lovely to see your work so far ...

  2. Thanks Vicki... Hope your next piece of work is going well - flowers are so much easier!