Friday, 29 July 2011

Yvonne the Yellow Long-horned Poppy, Sapphie the Samphire, Barry the Biting Stonecrop, Felicity the Fescue, Carol the Campion and Kevin the Kale all got together for a picnic by the sea...!

SBA Assignment 10 (Maritime Plants): 9.20/10

So I have been sat on my milking stool all day with these paintings and if I am honest I am pretty sick of them, which probably isn't helping my progress. It's taken me all day to do those Kale seeds... Still I quite like the fact that the Kale leaf is not finished and is still in washes in parts, as it's watery, like the sea.

It does irritate me that there is not enough time to do these pieces of work probably though. It is after all the quality one is aiming for here. I don't like to churn out pieces just because someone told me to... I want my painting to have more integrity.

Once this is posted, I am looking forward to reading more of my book - the 'Clash of Kings' which I am very much enjoying since I watched 'The Game of Thrones' on television. Can't wait for the next series, so I am reading the books instead. I am also looking forward to carrying on with my sewing which I started a few months back, but really got into it while I was on holiday. I will post pictures of this soon. Currently though, the needlework is under lock and key at my boyfriends house so that I am not tempted to work on it when I ought to be painting! Which reminds me... back to the brushes!


  1. This is odd I have already made a comment on this post and it seems to have disappeared! Well here it is again. The sea is like Cornwall and the Kale is so wonderful it looks edible. Think I might have a go at Kale, I have to do something shoreline for the next expo!

  2. This turned out so well, Jess! I love the little vignettes and the sea kale(Kevin) is wonderful. Good luck on the next assignment!Shevaun