Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Page one is almost finished...

Another late night at Inky Leaf Towers tonight...! I feel a bit more positive about this piece now I have the Sea Campion at the bottom and the two dissections at the top. I am very tired though! I have Thursday and Friday to finish the Kale. In the end I have rather enjoyed this piece, although it has been unfortunate that it has had to be done in such fits and spurts with work commitments, Glastonbury and family things popping up all over my timetable this summer. Still I think that is the nature of this course - just have to squeeze in the painting when you can!

August and September look to be quieter months, so hopefully I can really get back into what I want to be doing with my brushes. I find my work gets too bitty when my life itself gets bitty and compartmentalised. Does anyone find the same?

Night night!

P.S. I have realised that all my images are DREADFUL at the moment in quality... I must apologise - something about doing them all in the middle of the night after a long stint. I hope to get a nice crisp image uploaded later in the week when it is finished.

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