Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Progress of sorts...

So it was my day off work today, and therefore time to attack this beast of a project full pelt... Started of well, and I thought for a moment that I may even finish this sheet by night time, but alas I was very much mistaken. The Festcua rubra was REALLY intricate to do and so took me several hours to complete. I did enjoy it though, and drifted off several times in a meditative state whilst applying layer upon layer of paint. I like it when that happens. So, I am glad to say that the Festuca is complete now... I have also started off a Biting Stonecrop in the right hand corner. Regrettably I have not even started the Sea Campion yet, so I will start that tomorrow after work.

Please feel free to click on the image and then zoom in using the magnifier to see the detail...

What is surprising is how long it takes to shade in one of those pebbles too... It is very obvious if you press too hard with the pencil or make a mistake because of their smoothness. what is also surprising is how difficult it is to get a proper photograph of this piece! I think the colours in this particular study, being glaucous and pink makes it a nightmare to colour correct the image. So it doesn't look very good online. Apologies for that... Will have to see Andy in Farringdon to scan it in at some point!

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  1. I really love it Jess, think you should be pretty happy with yourself!