Monday, 11 July 2011

Still trying to squeeze in a few hours every night - tonight its a midnight night!

Working on the Yellow Horned Poppy at the moment... It's a small nightmare because it is hairy, but not in a fine way that is easy to illustrate, but in a thick-almost-like-spines-way :( The masking fluid did not work, so I am trying to lift with my brush. I think at the end I may attack the surface with a scapel, which is something I really don't like to do, as it is dangerous and cheating, but it is the only way to get these things done... White hair-spikes - a word of advice - AVOID.

Kale pootling along nicely... having trouble working out what to put next to it. Suggestions on a card please! I am thinking a Fucus, as it is has to be something strong. Right, I am going to carry on now after that mini-break. Listening to Blondie from my bedroom window. She is playing a gig tonight in Kew Gardens and she sounded rather good during practice, it has to be said!

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  1. Its coming along nicely Jess. I hate masking fluid and I always avoid light coloured hairs - would do my head in. I will accept hairs of a darker colour to the backgroun :):):).
    This is a huge assignment, well done you for doing so well so far.