Friday, 1 July 2011

Working on an lunar eclipse day is so hard!

Saltmarsh Flora after 12 hours

I suppose I have managed to achieve some work, but I've been pretty restless today, too busy thinking about where I am heading and about the things I want to be doing in the next few years. I decided to make this piece of coursework very different from my style to see where I'd end up, so I have used graphite - a medium I don't get along with and fiddled with the composition. I quite like the effect. The Festuca flowers are not get done, nor the Poppy. I hope to get a Sea Campion to the right of the Poppy, and a Sedum to the right of the Samphire, along with dissections. For me to be on target, I need to get this completed by 8th really, and then another A3 by the 15th becuase I am going on holiday to Spain on the 16th. It's tight - VERY TIGHT. I am going to have to work after my day job to complete these, so I will probably need a holiday by the time I get them done!

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