Thursday, 25 August 2011

Waterlilies so far...

I had a stressful day today thanks to a Mercury retrograde with Saturn in Libra squaring Mars in Cancer. Bad combination which left me sort of in the firing line. Never mind... that's life. So I have been painting this evening to try and wind down. This is what I started on my day off on Tuesday and I have done a bit of the other waterlily on the right this evening. I painted for about 2 hours, but I am finding purples rather tricky to do under the tungsten bulb in my anglepoise light. Therefore I am going to have to stop for now and carry on in the daylight on my next day off. I haven't really done anything purple before, so this is a first! The yellow spectrum in the tungsten is making the petals look too yellow and pretty yucky if I am honest! I also still haven't really worked out how to do the water. So I am going to have a play now instead of painting on the assignment piece.

Autumn is approaching in Kew. It's been a very showery August this year and I think this may have contributed to a early autumn. That, and the fact that our growing season did start very early thanks to a delightful Easter holiday!

Red leaves on the trees at Kew 25th August 2011

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