Thursday, 15 September 2011

33 hours in and I have broken my camera so no flash...
SBA Assignment 11 (Waterlilies at Kew): 8.52/10
... but it looks a bit closer to the original in colour... I like the flash though, because you get really sharp images (especially at this time of night!).

I have discovered since doing this painting that ellipticals are actually very difficult (never had a problem before). I like water droplets, but not huge one's like these. I am finding the perspective on these lily pads very tricky - they get smaller, and more squished for sure, but being so zoomed in, the squishing isn't that much and is hard to judge, ad it is that, with the water droplets that's making the ellipticals so tricky. I think I may have to try this one again until I master this technique as I certainly haven't yet. Not bad for a first try I suppose... It's frustrating becuase I want 'atmosphere', and also accuracy - can't have both I suppose...

Boyd and Evans, two artists I met in July at the bunting party do this very well. I wish I saw this one in the flesh: Clee Hill... Another one is this. I really admire their work, it requires so much concentration!

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