Thursday, 8 September 2011

Another evening of painting...

Here's Walter, William, and pink Winnie, and there are some more flower heads now.  I am off for the weekend, so it will be quiet in InkyLeaf Studio's for a few days. I am camping in Seaford, so I hope the weather is nice... For all my readers abroad, it's been very wet here. On Tuesday the rain was so heavy it was like being inside a car wash rather than the Shirley Sherwood Gallery - the water came down the windows in waterfalls. Was rather amazing. I love water... I notice I look at it in such a different way now I have started this painting.  After I finish my SBA course, I think I will dedicate a year or more to painting water.

 Here is quite a nice read on the effect water has on glass in a car wash and the photographs are just like how my windows where like at Kew, although we had much more greenery reflected in them, so it looked much prettier!

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  1. I love the way your assignment is coming along - isn't it magical when you get some of the deeper tones in and it starts to come to life .... very exciting. I can see this will be beautiful