Monday, 5 September 2011

Waterlilies after about 14 hours of work... the picture at the top is how they look now, and the one below is one that's been fiddled with in brightness, contrast and mid tones. I do this a lot to check my tonal values. I always notice that my painting looks better when I lower the mid tones and this tells me that my tone's need darkening on the real painting, so I apply more paint. I stop doing this until the opposite happens on my computer i.e. lowering the mid tones makes it look worse! As I suspected I need to get this water really dark. Pond water is not like other water - it's not like the sea, and it isn't like a big lake, it's almost black, but black with all the colours of the plants inside it if that makes sense? So I am trying to put all the colours in and then the black. One can't do it the other way around. What you can also see is that the pink flower at the top - that is in what I'd say it's best tone in it's current state. When it's made darker it brings it too far forward into the foreground and messes up my perspective, so I don't need to fiddle with that one anymore.
So today I have given the bud more detail... I love doing buds so much, especially ones this fleshy! I am off to the theatre with Henry soon, so I ought to get cracking on... I have about 3 hours of paint time left for today...

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