Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Climbing Plants

Here is a glimpse of my latest piece of work  - an array of climbing plants (Passiflora, Phaseolus, Lonicera and Hedera.  I wanted to paint something with tendrils this season and the Passionflower just spoke out to me when I walked past it a few weeks back. I had been on a long walk, 'ransacking' florists and gardens to little avail, and then I found Perdita on my return leg, scrambling over a wall only a few minutes from my house. I thought: 'what luck'! 

What I really wanted to do with this painting is to she if I can have a composition like this one, and get away with it. I like the way it looks like a herbarium specimen - but I am also conscious of the fact that I don't want it to look too flat. 

So here are my first washes:


  1. I do love tendrils Jess! Hope you enjoy every moment, after all that's what it should be about - you are so close now ... :)

  2. Thank you! I am enjoying this very much... Just planning my diploma pieces now too and all the things I plan to paint once I have completed the course. I really want to go BIG! I am very bored with A3 sized paper now...

    How is the essay going?