Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Surfing the web and I found these...

I think they are great fun!

I am busy making bunting again - for my mum this time and some librian friends. I ought to get cracking on with my last assignment though, but I am not quite 'there' yet in my mind. I thinking about how to avoid dying cut flowers, because they always die on me rather more quicly than I intend them to! The tree's do look stunning in Kew, but I am a little weary of attempting to depict them. Marianne North always found the Autumnal shades the hardest. In Japan she had a particularly hard time. She had trouble capturing the colour of the maples which totally defeated her:

the hills were perfectly on fire with different tints of red, crimson scarlet and every shade of carnation, even different purples... I spent a vast quantity of madder and carmine in trying to imitate that which could not imitated’.

Which reminds me... I am giving a talk at the Chelsea Physic Garden on Marianne North a week on Thursday. I am a teeny bit nervous, as this is the first talk I have done since moving to London. I used to do a lot of presentations on Sir John St. Aubyn less than two years ago. I guess I am feeling out of practice.

Anyway, it's going to be a very insightful talk about Marianne - I will be talking about some of the findings we made on the conservation project ad showing lots of rarely seen photographs.

Come and join me if you can! For details please follow link.


  1. These are great, Linda Starr would love these.

  2. Good luck with your talk at Chelsea Physic Garden on Marianne North a week on Thursday.It looks very important.

    VV word is Mimmutga very cosmic

  3. I love the ramekins - wish they were here in Australia. Good on you with the talk - and good luck - it sounds so interesting. Best of luck with the assignment too :)