Monday, 31 October 2011

Working from Spain

So I am currently in Spain! Seeing my mum and step dad for a little break. It was my birthday not long ago too, so I had a really great time! My mum had baked me a chocolate birthday cake!

Just been on a walk and saw some beautiful alpine plants up in the resinera close to mum's village. It's very beautiful here.  All the Poplars have just turned the most golden yellow and the people here have just made a new botanically themed walk with lots of plant labels. What's so odd is there isn't a soul in sight - so quiet.

I am finding it tricky doing this illustration, only becuase I am worried that it isn't what the assessors are looking for. But I am going to have to carry on with it now. The leaves are such hard work! Even at this stage of the course. I am really trying to get my tones right though, as i am still loosing marks with this aspect of my painting style... and this is an ideal subject to get my tones sorted out. 

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