Monday, 14 November 2011

A bit more work - almost complete!

Another day in my bedroom studio and a few more layter sof paint have been added. I have no idea why this painting is taking so long.. I am guessing it is beucase of all the different shapes and colours which are slowing me down. I am desperate to get my tonal variation right this time around, so am trying to get the layers really deep as well. Just got Thursday night left on this and then I'll post it on Friday morning... Missed yoga tonight, and am feeling pretty ill with a nasty bug, so I hope I get a good mark!


  1. Beautiful Jess, I love this composition and the dash of red xxx get well soon

  2. Thank you Claire! I am pleased with the composition as well - bit like a herbarium specimen. I only wish I included more flowers...! I do love leaves though :)

  3. This is lovely, Jessica. It's such fun to watch the progression. Feel better, soon.