Tuesday, 29 November 2011

 My New Skin for Jess-Pod

I got a fabulous birthday present from my mum and step-dad Andrew... yep, an i-pod! It is officially amazing. I have wanted an MP3 player for a long, long time. I am slowly going through my CD collection and loading everything up onto i-tunes. Last night Henry understood why I had wanted an MP3 player for so long, becuase I think he thought I was getting to the end of loading up all my CD's after 3 boxes of them, but alas, another box from on top of my wardrobe came down for entry... It's a never ending task!

So here is my gelaskin... I have loaded it up here becuase you may recognise the pattern - Yep, it has been made using one of my paintings (number 2)... I am so pleased with it. Sadly, it isn't a great photograph, but it's really green and lush. I almost loaded the grapes, which looked very cool, but the Ginkgo is far more me. 

Anyone who has artwork, and a device, be it a kindle or a touch or a pod, I highly recommend 'making your own' - there is an option to do this.


  1. Thanks! The photograph doesn't really do it justice. I am really pleased with it!