Sunday, 6 November 2011

Phaseolus and Lonicera being painted in...

On Thursday, my last day in Spain, I managed to squeeze in a few more hours of painting and put down the first layers of paint for my runner bean and honeysuckle flowers. I have a lot of work to do though and only 2 days off to do them in, so I will be working in the evenings to get this completed in time. I am enjoying it though.

Back in London this weekend, and straight into work in the gallery. They have just finished putting all the Joseph Hooker paintings on the walls, so we are now only waiting for the lighting to be done and the vinyl text and labels. The exhibition opens on the 12th - can't wait. It's an interesting exhibtion because it is biographical, and we haven't had one like that yet. Lots of photographs and examples of Walter Hood Fitch's work.

Off to Hattie's tonight in Manor House, London. She is designing a set stage for her party next week and the theme is 'The Botanical Garden and the Mad Scientist'. I think I will be painting some more plants - but in a rather different way - I am thinking BIG here. She lives in a type of communal warehouse - very cool. It's a big open space with hand crafted furniture and circular doors made by her house mate, Aidy.

Will post some images when it's all done!

I hope these images look ok. I am currently getting to grips with a new camera which I have called Io, and in using photoshop...

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