Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back from Bali and Java

So I am back from Indonesia and had a great time. The wedding was really beautiful and fascinating. I managed to get some sketchbook work completed, which is good, but I wanted to do more. There was so much beauty to capture, and I seemed to take quite a while in getting each painting completed!

Me painting... again...

Painting a leaf in Sidemen

I will upload the sketchbook work tomorrow... But for now here are some other shots..

Borobudur, Java - Marianne North has also been here.

Marianne North's painting

I have to say - I didn't know at the time, but when I was on top of the temple I thought to myself 'I bet she's been here' - it just felt like her kind of place and when I got to work today, I went straight to the guide book to see... It feels really magical to have been where Marianne has been. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Borobudur, Java

More painting...

The wedding... yes, it rained. These are the dancers they had - they were fabulous.

Mr and Mrs. Jessie - sorry for the confusion on which Jessie was getting married this month!
Me very happy relaxing in Ubud...
Chinese New Years Day, Jakarta - you have never seen so much insense in your life and yes, that is a human-sized candle.


  1. I do like the other day bed shot, different to the one I have already seen. And to think you did this on a budget it looks very splendid Jess. And is that my Agapanthus skirt I see there? Better on you.

  2. Welcome home Jess- lovely photos - you look very relaxed. So much botanical inspiration! Thanks for the reference to Marianne Williamson - the essay I did refers to her sacred lotus painting in Java - did you happen to see any lotus? Heavenly ... So glad you took a nice break, the wedding looks amazing. Great to have you back :)))

  3. Yes - I had a lovely time. I was very happy here, physically and mentally. Neck ache gone, ridiculously sore and dry hands - gone, headaches - gone (cured by a British cranial oestopath who said I have toxicity in my liver because I am am angry) and my tiredness - gone!

    I saw lots of lotus :) Not one was in flower though - a few in bud and several in seed. It is the rainy season there now, so maybe that is why? Not sure... Glad you liked the reference to North. Hope you are recovering after your gooseberry's now. x

  4. Great pictures from what looks like a great trip! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Look forward to see your sketchbook:)

  6. Thanks Alena. Nothing beats a trip to inspire hey? Must do this travelling thing more often.