Saturday, 7 January 2012

A bit more completed on Polly...

The dissections have been a REAL pain to do. I didn't realise that the flower was a double to begin with, plus there is a hypanthium to remember and all the sexual parts are leafy, so nothing is normal - no anthers, no 'filaments' and no ovaries! Anyway, I am very satisfied with the piece and luckily my friend Alex's herbarium specimen and fresh plant arrived in time, along with a pickled fruit which I have received from another Alex, it makes me very well sorted - (I began this painting with no material - everything from memory!


  1. It's looking wonderful Jess - lovely placement on the page and the colours are beautifully blended ... sounds a nightmare with all the bits - the roots look very elegant and appealing. You are going really well :)

  2. Coming along nicely, it will be a great picture! Looking forward to see the next stage:)