Friday, 27 January 2012

Sketchbook Pieces from Bali

Medinilla speciosa

Plumeria rubra and variegated leaves

Hibiscus sp.

Euphorbia leaf, Heliconia and leaf study

Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Leaf study of Plumeria rubra leaves


  1. Love your sketchbook pages Jess - such familiar plants and flowers .. love frangipani (plumeria) such a stunning plant and incredible fragrance. Great that you have this record of them - better than a photo!

  2. Very beautiful, Jessie! I am impressed that you found time to do so many studies while beeing there!

  3. Lovely sketchbook work. The colours are so vibrant and fresh and your attention to detail is just gorgeous. A very personal memory of your visit.

  4. Beautiful colours and sketchs too Jessica!!!
    I think You had an unforgettable stay there!!!
    a very lucky girl !

  5. Thanks Vicki, Alena, Sketchbook Squirrel and Renata. I had such a lovely time. I was lucky enough in that Henry and I decided to stop at Sidemen for 4 days and that gave me the time to paint. Such an inspiring place to be in. Beautiful countryside in that part of Bali. I felt very invigorated and the drawing didn't seem like work to me. I didn't want to leave!

    Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated :)