Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Boris after some work on Sunday

Just started working on the flowers. I hate painting yellow flowers!

Can we see any difference? Sometimes I wonder where all the time goes... I can hardly see any difference, but it is there. Promise.


  1. It looks fantastic Jess, an absolute cracker of a painting! You have beautiful depth in it now and the flowers are coming on just fine! :)

  2. It really is incredible Jess - you have made the humble broccoli quite the stunner ...

  3. Thanks Sonja, Alena and Vicki! I have to admit, I am getting rather pleased with it myself! Very worried I'll mess the painting up with these flowers, so I have taken a break from it and went for a walk today to find inspiration for the last piece. I HATE mixed flowers, as we all know from my reaction to assignment 12. Although I did get there in the end! Trouble is, even less is in flower now than at that time. Will raid Kew tomorrow as last resort (I don't like using Kew as it is a botanical garden, and not really for the picking). I can't paint Camelias (tried) and a lot of flowers are yellow (don't do yellow very well). Wish me luck!

    Vicki - I hope you have found a vegetable that you like... :S

    P.S. I recommend a book to you three - it's called 'Letters to a Young Artist' by Julia Cameron. Have you read it?