Friday, 10 February 2012

Different ways of depicting a Phalaenopsis

So I have decided to call my Phalaenopsis Phil...! I am not convinced of naming my three new orchids names which begin with an 'O'. I usually stick to the genus names, and rarely use the common name. Sally and Polly are exceptions to the rule.

Anyway, here's a small selection of some other artists achievements. I always find it good to look at different techniques, and at the same time this is promoting a new set of blogs and websites which we may not have come across yet. 

Both by Rosie Sanders - who has a new website and it's stunning! 

A fantastic mural by 'Ying Fat' - I recommend seeing the link - multiple views

'Phalenopsis' by Libby Carreck

By Zoe Norman , a past SBA student

And the Philadelphia Society of Botanical Illustrators have a lot of orchids in general.

I am a bit behind with this Orchid painting. I haven't gone beyond completing the line drawing yet. I'm still filling up my sketchbook too. I hope there will be some of my own work to post soon. In the meantime I am listening a lot to Mika's song 'Relax' in the hope that it will rub off on me whilst working non-stop. The acupuncture really wiped me out too, but it's certainly doing the trick!

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