Monday, 13 February 2012

Different ways of depicting a Miltoniopsis

So I have decided to call my Miltoniopsis Milly! She smells amazing this morning. I hadn't noticed the smell until today as a load of new buds have opened since I gave her a watering (snow melt - something VERY odd about giving an orchid snow melt!). She smells of honey and it is VERY strong.

Milly's ancestors are from central America, but she is from the Netherlands. She likes it warm and humid in the day and cool in the evening.

I am off work today, so I will be working on starting my mixed floral. I hope everyone else's assignments are going well. I haven't seen many examples of the botanical illustration piece online so I hope everyone is on target. It's a scary and demanding time!

Anyway, again here's a small selection of some other artists achievements:

'Pansy Orchids' by Mark Satchwill. There are some great Sarracenia's on this blog.

This Miltoniopsis is from a collection at Indianapolis Museum of Art
They have a whole loads of Orchids on their site.

Porcelain work by Pat Axani Ellson 

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