Sunday, 19 February 2012

Inky Leaves on Tour

I am starting to get very good at painting on the move! Although at first I found packing and unpacking all my brushes and paints a nuisance, I believe it actually helps my creativity. I makes me feel more free and so I work faster with bolder strokes of the brush.

I am in Bristol until Tuesday. I am sure most of my readers will think me mad going away for a few days so close to my deadline, especially after the Bali trip. I think I am mad, but it seems to be going OK. Henry is cooking me meals and I am going for walks in the local park to keep my dicky shoulder and hip mobile. I also have much more space here. Much better than being cooped up in my teeny room at Kew.

So, news... well apart from the Inky Leaves studio popping up in the south west, I am discovered that Winsor and Newton Potter's Pink is an extremely irritating pigment to work with. It doesn't seem to dry onto the paper at all. Every time I add a new layer (after drying the first one) it comes off! It also is VERY grainy and generally a right pain. However, as Cindy is potter's pink I don't have much choice. I could never mix that colour in a million years and it says on the Winsor and Newston website that you can't, which is why I got in the first place. I got a lot of pinks when I bought my new paints this year, because I find they are a nightmare to mix. Especially the luminous ones which look almost as if they shouldn't really be on our colour spectrum but in the ultra violet one.

So, all in all, apart from *!?#** Potter's Pink, the painting is going well (although in my opinion it will never be as good as the real thing, because I believe an orchid flower is perfection. No one will ever mimic the beauty that is 'the orchid'). However, despite realising this fact half way through, I have begun Phil the Phalaenopsis.

I am going to have a root around this beautiful Georgian house to see if I can find a camera cable and then I'l be able to show you. If not, then I guess you'll see on Tuesday!

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  1. Sweetie you've got 6 floors to search, you might as well wait until Tuesday!