Thursday, 9 February 2012

Old drawings

Lime drawn in 1996 for a school project (aged 12)

It's always good to look at your old work. I think it gives you that sense of progress. Sometimes it is hard to see how much you have improved with all the practice. I am a right one for completing a bit of work and stuffing it into a file never to look at it again. Then a friend will eventually ask to see my latest work and I find myself being, for the first time, surprised at how good the recent paintings are, whilst trying to hide some of the older work that I am embarrassed by. It's only then when I realise how the hours of practice have paid off.

Chrysanthemum drawing completed in 1997 (aged 13)

I loved doing this Chrysanthemum. My mum helped me after I was having a bit of a tantrum. I have ever been good at drawing what I am told to draw, which was often the case with art homework (now this is the case with my SBA homework). She sat me down and handed me the pen and drew the first petals. Once I got into the dots I was in a trance. I loved every dot.

Sketchbook work for my orchid piece 2012

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