Monday, 20 February 2012

Progress on my last piece for the SBA

Well, it feels like the end of an era! I have only just realised that this is my last piece for the diploma. Sad really, but to be honest I am gagging to start this new project I have been developing in my mind. Everyday a new dimension is added to this project.

So, after searching the house with 6 floors I found a camera cable.

Here's Milly, Phil and Cindy:

And here's my pop-up studio:


  1. Thanks Julie... tried to be unusual about it. Tricky things though orchids... got to somehow identify them all as well... :S What are you doing for your mixed?

  2. They look so pretty though :) I'm doing ivy, crocus and snowdrops and i best get cracking!

  3. Looking good! Loving the colours. :)

  4. Nearly there Jess - a huge achievement x

  5. Julie - sounds great. Can't wait to see it. Again I have played chicken and stayed well away from anything remotely white or yellow! I need to crack them one day though. I was hoping that maybe we can all lump in together and ask someone to teach us who's local. Watcha think?

    Thanks Sketchbook Squirrel and Vicki. It's an achievement, and will be your's this time next year hey?! (sorry to scare you!) x

  6. Jess we don't live that far away from each other :) Your more than welcome to pop over and we can swap tricks of the trade!Swap you a white flower for a few leaves maybe?!x