Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring has started at Kew!

On your marks, get set... go!

Only towards the end of the SBA course have I suddenly realised that none of my marks are published on this blog for each assignment, so I am going through them all and putting the marks in under the latest posts for each. I am also going to put them in here for you:

Assignment 1 (Tulip and a Coffee plant): 8.55/10
Assignment 2 (Magnolia): 8.73/10
Assignment 3 (Leaves in June): 8.62/10
Assignment 4 (Flowers in August): 7.67/10
Assignment 5 (Oriental Lily): 8.32/10
Assignment 6 (Essay): 2.5/5
Assignment 7 (2011 Grapes): 9.19/10
Assignment 8 (Sally the Savoy): 8.63/10
Assignment 9 (Romilly the Rose): 7.45/10
Assignment 10 (Maritime Plants): 9.20/10
Assignment 11 (Waterlilies at Kew): 8.52/10
Assignment 12 (Climbing Plants): 9.00/10
Portfolio Pieces 1, 2 and 3 ?????!!!!
Sketchbook ?????!!!!

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  1. Hopefully I will get to visit Kew before the end of the Spring display, it looks wonderful.

    Gosh, you are brave putting up all your marks, but they are certainly something to be proud of, I am sure your portfolio will be well accepted. Well done Jess :)