Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I Forgot the Food Packaging

Whilst eating a fabulous Itsu Sushi takeaway on Thursday Night, I was busy writing down a list of all the plants I was munching on (Rice, Sesame seed, Soya, Corriander, Ginger, Rocket, Pumpkin Seeds etc.) and then I moved onto the cardboard box, which I presumed at the time to have some sort of wood in it. Then I wrote down "one serviette" and "one till receipt" (with measurements) for the same reason. Then Henry and I caught the tube home and that was that...

Until today.

Today something hit me which I had failed to note on whilst sitting on a bar stool in Itsu, but has since been simmering in my subconscious. I was peeling a label off of a tin during my lunch break to put in my sketchbook. Since starting The Bare Necessities Project I have recently began to collect packaging. I have been doing this for several reasons, firstly they remind me of what I ate if I forget a day, secondly they list all of the ingredients in something ready made or provide me with the company name so I can find out the ingredients and lastly I just love packaging - sometimes they have amazing visuals.

Ketchup label - essential for telling me the ingredients...

So yes... I was peeling off a Heinz Baked Beans label and I suddenly thought "this is paper... I need to make a note of the paper (wood)... Hang on a minute! I haven't made a record of any packing, the only time was in Itsu!". Alas - I forgot the food packaging...

I find some food labels really striking. I particularly like Sun Maid Raisins

 Wooden box used for Turkish Delight

 As of May I am going to start to make a real effort with the packaging, but firstly I need to do some research into what is plant based and what isn't. Frighteningly (for me) I have just discovered that a lot of plastic is now made out of plants (usually Sugarcane, Corn, Potato, Banana or Tapioca). 

I can't tell if this is going to be a complete nightmare or not!

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  1. Oh it's all coming out now. Confession time, I love packaging. Years ago I was lucky enough to work on campaigns for Tesco and Perrier among other brands but I never considered the materials used to make the plastic. Sugarcane! Now that is weird