Monday, 9 April 2012

Some new botanical art finds...

Tricia Newell

'Dandelion' by Tricia Newell

I love this painting by Tricia Newell, it has so much movement and colour. Tricia has a fantastic Flickr account as well as a website and I recommend having a look at both.


'Violin' by Muradino

Nice bit of botanically inspired pyrography on a violin, you can see more images here.

Paul Stone

'Babel Toppled' by Paul Stone

I don't even know how Paul tackled this subject! I tried to paint a Romanesco for my vegetable study and  gave up after feeling dizzy. These numerous spirals require a lot of concentration to get right, and if one spiral is incorrect, then they all will be. It's probably easier to do from a photograph or using tracing paper, but I rarely tend to do that sort of thing.

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  1. Love the Romanesco painting :) I also attempted this for my diploma portfolio :P Yet dicided to go for the pineapple! Love those fibonacci sequences though :) x