Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Mosey in Chelsea

The weather was so nice yesterday and although I felt ill, I still decided to wander out into London. I considered Friday as a quarantine day where I needed to get back on my feet ready for work the next day. You know how it is when you've spent several days in bed - I forget how to walk and feel all stiff and horrible.  So yes - time to blow away the cobwebs and I thought "Let's go to Chelsea Physic Garden"! Not only because it's integrated with my theme of sickness and health (a total fluke which I have only just noticed) but because I hadn't used my membership since getting it in October and I thought they might have some plants for me to paint for the Bare Necessities Painting.

So I ventured out, but didn't find a shop to purchase a new sketchbook from, so the afternoon was mainly spent looking at and thinking about things. I found this rather nifty cabinet of curiosities. I spotted last time I was there and remembered loving the idea then:

So what they have done is to grow the plant in it's product:

 Aloe vera

 Oenothera biennis

 Echinacea officinalis

 Solanum tuberosum

 Rubus idaeus x R. strigosus

I think this is a great idea, I really do. It goes along the theme of my new project so well. So I will probably get in contact with Chelsea Physic Garden. They have also just made a new garden of useful and edible plants, which is due to open on 23rd May. It seems they have timed it with the Chelsea Flower Show week - something else I could see being prepared as I walked past the Royal Hospital. I am really exited about the new garden... it will definitely make it easier for me to do all my sketchbook work. At Kew I find I have to look for everything and it's such a huge place.

Lastly, I thought I'd mention that there is a botanical art exhibition on show in Mayfair. The works are by those in the Amicus Botanicus group. For more information visit:

Next post - Paper...


  1. I mis-read your title, I thought it said A Mousey in Chelsea ... must find those glasses!
    Love your ideas and progression of a theme - so good to have this to work with and towards and I love to see it unfold.

    1. Thanks Vicki. Ha-ha! - A Mouse... tell you something, I have seen enough of those. London has a big a problem with mice or rats. Rats near the river (my house at Kew), mice in land (Henry's house in Whitechapel)... Least the rats stay outside :S

      Yep - slowly getting there. I feel like I have to really scope this project out before doing it because it is so large. I am always one for running before walking, so I am trying to be good :) Hope you have settled back into home now. Bet the washing machine has been on spin non-stop?!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, it's ice to see little projects like this one in Chelsea. Something a bit different. Hope your tooth is better Alena.

  3. Really good idea Jess!
    VV Lvmbern Neepose

    1. Wow, verification vocab is going to get a lot harder with TWO words! We'll have to do one at a time. I will see if I can do one today.