Thursday, 10 May 2012


So I have been ill this week with a very heavy cold and temperature. I hate being out-of-action. There is so much to do and see that I find I just can't bare being forced to stay at home in bed. I did get a very nice letter from my mum today though. She has once again found some real gems for me on ebay. This time two beautiful, hand painted postcards from 1912:

The purple one is from Madeleine on 30th December 1912, who writes:

"My dearest friend I have painted this for you, it is not well, but I hope you will be however pleased of it. I should like to have a small flower painted by you, but I know you are like me, you have not much time, and you will paint something for me when you have a moment free. With love, Madeleine"


The Cyclamen one is again from Madeleine, she writes:

"Dear Constance, Your flowers are very well and as you had to ask me I had paint some flowers to you. I hope this will be pleasure to you. With best love, Madeleine"

I think they are a lovely couple of postcards... I wish I could see Constance's flowers. These postcards remind me of those blog groups you find where a group of artists send postcards of their artworks to each other. Funny to think they did this all that time ago too.  It'll be one hundred years ago this December...

So yes, not on form this week, but rearing to go. Still plugging away at the Bare Necessities Painting and working out logistics. I have a month's worth of my own data now, so that's a start. The upside of this cold is that it has made me use all sorts of odd things that I may not have put in the painting, namely pharmaceuticals, tissues with Aloe vera and lots of ginger. 

Other from that I have also been sewing and I will post some piccies of that tomorrow hopefully.  Right, time for a paracetamol...


  1. I love anything that gives a window into the lives of people from the past. These cards are fab, the handwriting is so evocative of their time. Sorry to hear you are unwell, lots of hot drinks and a warm bed. x