Monday, 4 June 2012

Chelsea Tulips

Just starting this painting now of two Tulips - might do a set of them  - let's see how it goes... I am feeling very experimental and not really thinking about it very much - just illustrating what I find to be beautiful.

Here is an update on my embroidery... It's slow going I tell ya! I really want to get it finished by Christmas...

And finally here is my coffee bean! I grew Caroline from seed using a berry I stole when visiting the Eden Project as a 1st year botany student in 2003. Nine years on and she is doing well. I have tried to bonsai her slightly so that she won't outgrow my bedrooms and she seems to not mind too much. She has flowered before - back in 2007, but I didn't get any fruit. 


  1. Lots going on here Jess. Good to see you painting, the tulips are looking good already. I adore embroidery and I really admire your patience with this one. It is a stunning piece. How do you plan to display the finished piece?

  2. Thanks Jarnie! I am going to frame the embroidery - I am doing a set of them, all in different shapes and colour themes. Can't wait until I am can see them all finished. I might be nearing my 40s by then, but I think it's worth the wait. Hope everything is going well in Sketchbook Squirrel Studios?!