Friday, 15 June 2012

 Monstera problema

A bit more work on my 'problema'... doing lots of wet on wet at the moment so this is pretty experimental for me. I have had quite a week this week. I have removed sugar from my diet for health reasons and it's been quite a struggle changing to a protein based, alcohol-free, low GI diet. I seem to be getting there, but it's made me quite tired and less productive. Once I get on the correct medication I can then resume my intake of a few sugary things...

Last week I went to see the Riziki Kateya's work in Kew. She has been spending some time in England and had all her paintings out in the library on show for staff members. It was really interesting to see her work.  She was trained by Christabel King through Kew in Tanzania and has since been painting the plants and birds in a National Park in Tanzania for a Kew publication. You can see how she has improved with practice and is really very good (her website is not that up to date). She trained in Fine Art originally, so this has been a big change for her. 

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